Scott Boras won’t rule out an extension for Xander Bogaerts


Scott Boras has a reputation for not allowing his players to sign long term deals prior to reaching free agency. That’s just how he, and players who decide he is the best choice to be their agent, rolls.

But he has had clients agree to the occasional deal, normally not going beyond arb years, but still. And he at least talks of the possibility of his clients agreeing to deals prior to free agency. And he said as much to Rob Bradford of WEEI about Xander Bogaerts:

“Look, I always tell every team and every player, we’re an open door,” the agent said. “Anything they want to look at and offer, and then the player just has to make his judgments, so we evaluate that.

Not that their are a ton of examples of his guys making the judgment to sign such a deal. As Bradford notes, Elvis Andrus and Jered Weaver did, but there aren’t too many others. And, as soon as he talked about that open door, Boras was making Jeter comps. Legitimate ones, to be fair, at least insofar as we’re talking about baseball production as opposed to fame and mystique and things. But the point is, if you’re comparing your client to Derek Jeter, you aren’t likely to be talking about pre-free agency deals either. Even if Jeter signed one himself.

Bogaerts, by the way, is hitting .325/.356/.429 on the year, while playing 144 games of nifty shortstop and he doesn’t turn 23 for another eight days. Whether it’s now or whether it’s later, the man is going to get paid.