Billy Hamilton to have season-ending shoulder surgery


C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Reds center fielder Billy Hamilton will undergo right shoulder surgery on Friday. The injury: a sprained capsule which has caused him problems for a while now and recently sent him to the DL. There is no structural damage, the Reds say, and he should be ready to go for spring training, but his season is over.

Hamilton has been something less than a complete player in his two full seasons in the bigs, showing off all kinds of speed, of course, but not showing that he can get on base or hit for anything approaching the sort of authority required of a major leaguer. He actually took a step back this year, putting up a line of .226/.274/.289 and only 15 extra base hits in 114 games. He does have 57 stolen bases in 65 attempts, of course.

All of which is to say that it’s good that his shoulder is gonna get fixed, but he needs a lot more than a good shoulder, it seems, to be an everyday major leaguer. Here’s hoping he figures it out, because he’s fun to watch otherwise.