Rockies GM hints that manager Walt Weiss could be fired


Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich was asked Sunday during an MLB Network Radio interview about manager Walt Weiss’ job status and danced around the issue, declining to say Weiss would be back next season despite being under contract for another year.

He’s got another year on his contract, everybody knows that. We’ll have meetings and sit down and talk and see what the right fit is. This isn’t the time or place yet to say 100 percent yes or no. He’s got to have a part in that too. We’ll let the season play out before we make that determination.

Weiss has repeatedly made it clear that he wants to remain Rockies manager, so the “he’s got to have a part in that too” aspect seems like a non-issue. Bridich had a chance to simply say the current manager under contract for next season will remain on the job and did not, which in itself is telling.

Weiss has been the Rockies’ manager since 2013, going 74-88 followed by 66-96 and now 63-86 with 13 games remaining. He was hired by Dan O’Dowd, whom Bridich has since replaced as GM, so the odds of Weiss keeping his job for 2016 are looking pretty slim.