Yoenis Cespedes would like to be a professional golfer after he retires


Robin Yount once walked out of spring training with the Brewers to become a professional golfer. Or at least to make the Brewers think he would. John Smoltz was a dang fine golfer and has toyed with becoming a pro himself. But for the most part, baseball players think of golf as a mere hobby.

Yoenis Cespedes just took up golf, but he tells the Daily News that he’d love to do it for a living someday:

“Well, I’ve been playing golf for only a year and a half. Some people who have been playing golf for years and they learn that I’ve only played a year and a half, they can’t believe it and they say ’Incredible.’ I’ve been thinking about it — if there is an opportunity to play professionally later, maybe not PGA, but I would like to play golf professionally,” says Cespedes.

With the year he’s had, I think Cespedes has enough leverage to get himself a fine baseball contract this offseason, so I presume this isn’t a Yountian negotiation ploy.