Matt Holliday leaves game after getting hit in the head with a pitch


If you have to get hit in the head with a pitch, there are few pitchers you’d rather have do it than a soft-tosser like Dan Haren. Still, probably not fun either way, as Matt Holliday just found out.

Holliday exited this afternoon’s game with the Cubs after being struck in the back of his helmet by an 86 mph fastball from Haren (Haren’s Twitter handle claims he throws 88, and now we know that’s a base falsehood).

Jokes about Haren’s velocity aside, the ball sure sounded like it hit hard, but Holliday didn’t seem to be too terribly affected. He started heading to first base, but he was taken out of the game out of an abundance of caution. Smart move, as sometimes it’s not immediately apparent if the player who takes a blow to the head is truly hurt. And even if he’s not hurt, the Cardinals JUST got Holliday back off the disabled list, so they don’t want to risk losing him again.


As of now the Cardinals trail 8-3 in the bottom of the sixth. Here’s hoping Holliday is OK.