Braves fans will get to play Frogger to get to the new ballpark in 2017


Neil DeMause writes at Vice Sports about the ridiculous, clownshoes-esque state of the Braves new ballpark project. Not the stadium itself, which is under construction and seemingly on schedule, but the bridge that is more or less required to get fans from the parking lots to the ballpark, which happens to sit on the other side of an interstate highway.

The upshot: the bridge is not designed or funded and there are no plans for it to be built for various reasons. It’s unlikely that a bridge will exist in time for the 2017 season and it may take even longer than that. The result:

That would leave almost an entire season where Braves fans would have to park their cars, thenedge their way along the side of a eight-lane highway, underneath an overpass, to finally arrive at their seats. It’s walkable, but as one local noted in a web comment, only in the way that “the road in the game Frogger was walkable”— so probably not the sort of stroll anyone will want to attempt after nine innings and a few beers.

DeMause likewise takes us back through the entire saga of the Braves’ move to Cobb County which, while theoretically serving the Braves’ largely suburban fan base better than Turner Field, was pushed through in shady fashion and, as a result, is leading to this parking and access mess.

In other news, who wants to go in with me on a kickstarter to sue Major League Baseball to invalidate the territorial system, move the Rays to Turner Field and actually give baseball fans in Atlanta something they can get to without being run over by commuters heading back to their cul de sacs?