Huston Street threw up in the bullpen before blowing save


Angels closer Huston Street had an ugly outing Sunday against the Astros, allowing five runs in the ninth inning to blow the save and take the loss.

And it turns out things were plenty bad for Street even before he took the mound, with Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles reporting that he threw up in the bullpen:

Street began suffering flu-like symptoms on Saturday and was vomiting in the bullpen during the sixth and seventh innings on Sunday. …

“When I started throwing up, they asked me straight up, ‘Can you go? Do you feel like you can go?’ My answer was yes, absolutely,” Street said. “And I felt fine out there Sunday. You’ve got a lot of adrenaline, it’s a big game, it’s a big moment. I’m not blaming it on that by any means whatsoever.”

It was the only time this season Street has allowed more than three runs in a game and just the third time this season he’s allowed more than one run in a game, so manager Mike Scioscia probably would have preferred a more honest/realistic answer from a guy with the flu.

Street hasn’t pitched since Sunday and has lost 13 pounds, so the Angels turned to Joe Smith in Tuesday night’s save situation against the Mariners (he converted it).