How the Mets picked up Yoenis Cespedes


There’s a great tick-tock over at the New York Times about the Mets’ decision to trade for Yoenis Cespedes. The meeting in the big room with Sandy Alderson and all of the assistants and advisors. The pros and cons and shape of the debate about giving up a good prospect for a rental. And finally, the decision by Alderson to pull the trigger.

Of course, right after that decision, he had to check with someone who was also in the room all of this time:

But on his way out of the room, [Aldreson] paused to confer with [Jeff] Wilpon, who had been listening to the debate.

Alderson asked him, just to be sure: Was he comfortable making the deal?

“Go for it,” Wilpon told him.

If Cespedes helps lead the Mets to glory this year, that will probably do a lot to help Jeff Wilpon’s image among Mets fans, I imagine.

Beyond that, a nice article both about the trade mechanics — which is stuff I find fascinating and which we very rarely hear until books are written about the principles years later — and some stuff about Cespedes himself from some of the people who know him well.