Matt Harvey to get half-outings to stay sharp


The never-ending saga of Matt Harvey‘s Workload continues. When last we heard, Harvey was going to start against the Yankees next weekend and then be more or less shut down for most of the time between then and the playoffs. Now, Adam Rubin reports, the plan has changed:

In order to keep Matt Harvey sharp for the postseason, the New York Mets now plan to give him regular starts down the stretch. However, the starts will be half-outings, with another pitcher being used after Harvey for multiple innings.

This should combat rust, but one wonders if it’ll affect stamina. Pitchers are often “stretched out” from short roles in order to go from relief work to starting. Is there an opposite, shortening-up phenomenon?

More to the point is whether or not it matters. In the postseason outings tend to be shorter anyway as managers have quicker hooks. But it will be worth watching in the event the bullpen is taxed in a playoff series by the time Harvey’s outing comes around.