A-Rod had a day that wouldve been impossible to imagine a year ago


A baseball player tagged up from third base and scored on a fly ball yesterday that wasn’t terribly deep but wasn’t exactly on the grass line. Which is a baseball play that happens fairly often. Not terribly uncommon, I suppose. Unless the ballplayer is old and slow. So slow that he claims to be the slowest man in baseball.

Alex Rodriguez was the baserunner and Didi Gregorius hit the fly ball. As Ken Davidoff of the New York Post wrote yesterday, Gregorius thought A-Rod had no chance of scoring. After the game, A-Rod said “that’s how the slowest man in baseball looks.” Here’s how he looked:

[mlbvideo id=”476363883″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

It was a good day all around for Rodriguez. In addition to scoring on that play, he was honored for his 3,000th hit earlier this year:

“On a day like today, I’m incredibly grateful [to] the Steinbrenners, to the Yankees. First class all the way. And it’s rare for me that I get to celebrate a day with my mother, two daughters, manager, teammates and obviously the fans.”

Alex Rodriguez using his hustle to score a run for the seemingly playoff-bound Yankees in mid-September on a day on which he was honored by the team. What would the betting odds of that sentence being true have been a year ago at this time?