Curt Schilling’s co-defendants in the 38 Studios case settle out


Fun thing: Curt Schilling, and others, are still being sued by the State of Rhode Island in the wake of the debacle over Schilling’s software company that went belly-up and cost taxpayers $75 million. Some of his codefendants, however, have settled, leaving Schilling as one of the few remaining defendants:

A judge has approved a $12.5 million partial settlement in a lawsuit over Rhode Island’s failed $75 million deal with former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling’s video game company 38 Studios . . . Schilling and others opposed the settlement, but the judge called it a good faith agreement and overruled their objections . . . The case continues against Schilling and others at the company, as well as others who were involved.

The case, filed by Rhode Island in 2012, alleges that Schilling and others engaged in financial misconduct, neglect, fraud, and conspiracy to deceive officials about the company’s financial prospects. The complaint says that the defendants “knew or should have known, but failed to inform the [Rhode Island’s economic development board] that 38 Studios was destined to fail according to 38 Studios’ own financial projections.”

In Schilling’s defense, and as virtually all of his post-baseball actions have shown, he is profoundly and possibly even pathologically unaware of when he is making mistakes, so I feel like there is some kind of good-faith-narcism defense he could put up here. Just spitballin’.