Al Avila denies a decision has been made about Brad Ausmus


In response to the Detroit Free Press report this morning that Brad Ausmus will be fired at season end, Tigers GM Al Avila issued the following statement:

“I have stated several times since becoming Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations and General Manager that we are evaluating all personnel, and know that includes the players, the manager and his staff, and minor league operations. In fact, I reconfirmed with Mr. Ilitch and Manager Brad Ausmus this morning that these evaluations are on-going and decisions in any of these areas will be made by the end of the season.”

Awkward, as it strikes me as highly unlikely that the Free Press would run with something as big as the story they had today without someone in a position of authority giving them that info.

So forgive me if, despite this statement, my view is that Ausmus continues to twist.