Where does Dan Jennings go next?


Dan Jennings was shoved downstairs from the Marlins’ GM office to the dugout this year. It hasn’t gone too well and, as Ken Rosenthal reports, the Marlins want a more experienced GM next season.

So where does Dan Jennings go?

Ken Rosenthal reported last night that, ideally, Jennings would go to Seattle. But it’s unlikely that they want him. Or he’ll take the Marlins GM job back, but he wants expanded authority. And that’s bloody unlikely give the presence of Jeff Loria and Michael Hill and David Samson and that gang. No, the next Marlins GM is going to be an old school GM who answers to a lot of people, not a new breed president of baseball ops with a vast kingdom to rule.

So he’ll likely disappear back into the Marlins front office, having really gotten nowhere after this weird season in uniform.