Joey Votto exploded last night. It was fantastic.


With the caveat that basically all ballplayers and managers who get into heated arguments on the field look silly in an objective sense, can we agree that, within the context of baseball arguments being a thing that we accept, Joey Votto‘s last night was a thing of beauty?

As C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports here, it all started with disputed ball and strike calls and then, at least according to Bryan Price, got out of hand when Votto asked for time and home plate umpire Bill Welke wouldn’t give it to him.

A couple of things about all of this:

  • Votto is one of the more mild-mannered players in the game. To see him explode like this means he must’ve been REALLY hot.
  • As Rosecrans notes — and as the video makes pretty clear — those were some bogus strike calls on Votto. And, say what you will about arguing balls and strikes, if I trust any player in the game to have a good sense of the strike zone it’s Joey Votto and it’s not even close.
  • The beginning of the argument with Welke is interesting. Votto is unhinged, yes, but Welke’s “you spit on me” thing is so bush league. Umpires have been doing that for ages, and it’s likewise a classic style of aggravation and misdirection used in any sort of argument, be it between ballplayers and umps, husbands and wives or plaintiff and defense counsel. Absent a Roberto Alomar situation where someone spit intentionally, an umpire calling attention to such a thing is clearly calculated to needle the player by injecting a a non-sequitur into the proceedings in a passive-aggressive fashion. Argue back if you must or, even better, stay silent or walk away until the arguing manager or player has decided he’s getting nowhere (and he should never get anywhere). But don’t pull that crap, Welke. We know what you’re doing.

Whatever the case, it was definitely entertaining. And I would guess that anyone left still claiming Votto lacks fire or passion is gonna reconsider now.

Starling Marte carted off field after outfield collision

Starling Marte
Getty Images
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Pirates center fielder Starling Marte was carted off the field during the eighth inning of Friday’s contest against the Giants. Marte was racing in to field a fly ball from Yangervis Solarte when he collided at full speed with shortstop Erik González. The two were knocked down by the impact and quickly attended to by the Pirates’ staff, who helped Marte sit up on a cart and removed him from the game.

The extent of either player’s injuries, if any, have yet to be revealed. Following the incident, both Marte and González were officially removed from the lineup, with JB Shuck shifting from left to center field, Jung Ho Kang moving over to shortstop, Colin Moran covering third base, and Jason Martin in the left field corner.

The Pirates currently lead the Giants 4-1 in the ninth.