The plan changes: Sandy Alderson says Matt Harvey to be limited to two more starts


When the controversy about Matt Harvey’s workload arose the other day, Mets GM Sandy Alderson seemed shocked that Scott Boras was taking the position that Harvey had a 180-innings limit. That shock was likely genuine as most evidence suggests that no hard cap of any kind was ever agreed upon by the Mets and Harvey.

But no matter what happened before, there seems to be a modified plan now: Sandy Alderson said today Matt Harvey likely won’t pitch beyond 180 innings in the regular season.

It’s possible he could be used for a third time if he is truly needed in the final series, but otherwise he’ll be saved for the playoffs. How much in the playoffs? Alderson said that it would depend partly on how he’s used down the stretch. The plan is not set yet, however, because Alderson has yet to talk with Scott Boras about it

Harvey has pitched 166 and a third innings so far. He will pitch against the Nats in the four-game series which just got underway.  He’ll pitch at least one more time. Beyond that? I guess we’ll see.