Ben Cherington not actively looking for a GM gig this fall


There is a big game of general manager musical chairs getting started, with openings either already in the GM classifieds (Seattle, Anaheim, Boston, Milwaukee) or some likely to be (Washington? Cincinnati?  Philly?). The only one of those places which wouldn’t benefit from Ben Cherington’s interest is Boston, and that’s only because he didn’t want to stick around.

Yet, according to Ken Rosenthal, Cherington is playing the long game:


Probably a good stance to take. His bonafides and pedigree are well-known. Better to let someone come to him. Well, except Anaheim. If the come to him he should shut the door and scream unless an offer comes with the signed resignation of Mike Scioscia and an iron-clad restraining order preventing Arte Moreno from making any baseball decisions.