John Kruk is a fan of Jessica Mendoza


The New York Times’ Richard Sandomir assesses Jessica Mendoza’s performance on Sunday Night Baseball the other night. His grade matches mine and that of most other people with whom I’ve spoke: she was a solid, no-nonsense commentator who didn’t strain to ANALYZE THE HECK OUT OF THE GAME like so many do and, when she did offer insights, they were good ones. She should be a regular fixture on ESPN baseball broadcasts, whichever night they occur.

Sandomir talked to someone else about Mendoza’s performance too: John Kruk. And he raves:

“She’s as knowledgeable as anyone I’ve ever talked to about baseball. That’s why she was arguably the best hitter in the world when she was in her prime . . . It wouldn’t surprise me if Jessica’s a regular on Sunday, Monday or Wednesday night baseball, whenever the time comes,” Kruk said.

Probably worth noting that Kruk himself was a lot better without Schilling around too, suggesting that he plays to his partners. If they’re good and straightforward like Mendoza, he’s fine. If they like to fart around and talk to hear themselves talk like Curt Schilling does, so does he.