Coaching third base in the AL East is no easy job


Billy Witz of the New York Times has a good story up today about coaching third base. Specifically, coaching third base in the American League East. A division where two parks with turf, two parks with right field oddities and one park that, man, is just an utter disaster in terms of uniformity makes it not just a job, but an adventure.

Witz talks to the coaches in the division about how they approach their job. Mostly they watch what the home team coaches do given that they have so much more time there to deal with their park’s idiosyncrasies. The best quote of the story comes from Buck Showalter, though, who has some opinions about the Green Monster, Pesky’s Pole and all of the other weird stuff at Fenway Park:

“They’ve got screws, nails sticking out of there, they’ve got doors that are in play . . . Can you imagine the University of Connecticut guy coming down the floor and there’s a door at halfcourt as he’s trying to break the press? . . .America’s most beloved ballpark,” he said, mocking the phrase the Red Sox use to trumpet Fenway.

Eh, at least Fenway came by its quirks honestly, by virtue of actual land limitations and 100-year-old architecture. Camden Yards has little hidden corners and blind spots because . . . well, I have no idea why. Because someone thought it’d be quaint, I guess.