The Athletics have a travel-heavy 2016 schedule and unsuccessfully tried to have it altered


Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Athletics president Mike Crowley tried to have the team’s 2016 schedule altered, unsuccessfully, due to the comparatively extreme amount of travel they’ll need to do during the 2016 season.

Slusser highlights the issues with the Athletics’ schedule. To sum it up:

  • The Athletics do not play back-to-back series against the Rangers and Astros, causing them to travel to Texas more than would otherwise be necessary
  • The A’s will be on the road for 22 of 28 days between April 18 and May 15
  • They will have three off-days in a span of eight days, which is legal per the CBA, which puts a maximum of two off-days within seven days
  • The A’s will be on the road for 14 of 17 days between the middle and end of August

The scheduling issue is one that, due to geography, affects West coast teams more than others. According to Baseball Savant, the Athletics will have traveled the second-most miles this season at 40,867 miles. They’re behind the division rival Mariners (43,281) while the Rangers and Angels have traveled the fourth- and fifth-most, respectively.

MLB senior vice president of scheduling Katy Feeney, quoted in Slusser’s article, said, “The assumption is that we don’t care about minimizing travel, but I can assure you no team is ignored. Nothing is a one-team issue; there are 27 other teams besides the three AL West Coast teams. And no one is ever happy.”