Hacking scandal fallout: Cardinals hire former reliever Randy Flores as new scouting director


Two months ago, in the wake of the Astros database hacking scandal, the Cardinals fired scouting director Chris Correa. Today they named a replacement, with Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch reporting that the Cardinals have hired longtime big league reliever Randy Flores to take over the job.

Flores spent parts of eight seasons in the majors, including 2004-2008 with the Cardinals, throwing a total of 250 innings with a 4.61 ERA as a southpaw specialist. He last pitched in 2010 and is 40 years old.

Goold reports that Flores will officially begin the job on September 1 and “will oversee the Cardinals’ draft approach, from the scouting of players to the evaluation of players to the strategy behind the use of their bonus pool.”

Correa was fired in July after allegedly admitting to hacking into Houston’s database, although according to various reports he insisted it was done only to “verify” the Astros had stolen information from the Cardinals. Correa’s lawyer issued a statement saying he “denies any illegal conduct.”