Must-click link: the actual twins who own the domain


Earlier this year we posted a thing about how MLBAM finally bought the rights to “,” giving the league 27 of the 30 actual team names as domain names. The holdouts: the, and, all of which are owned by other entities. is a problem, of course, because the NFL Giants have that one, leaving San Francisco with “” as their domain. But Rays and Twins may still be had, as they’re owned by private people and/or businesses. is owned by Ray’s Boathouse, a restaurant in Seattle and they’re not selling. That leaves Who owns that?

Today Ben Lindbergh of Grantland tells us. It’s owned by . . . actual twins. Kind of weird ones, actually. Ben tracked them down and got their story.

You have to read it all to get the flavor, but you need to know two things: (1) they’re actually Twins fans, though their acquisition of had nothing to do with the team and they don’t live in Minnesota; and (2) they were once semi-finalists in a contest that could’ve gotten them a record contract with Mercury Records and the eventual winner of that contest was Bon Jovi. Note: I have no real love for Bon Jovi, but Ben posted the twins’ song from the contest and holy crap, thank god we got Bon Jovi instead of them.

That part aside, this is a great slice of weird, totally suitable for killing time on a slow afternoon.