Red Sox broadcaster Don Orsillo is leaving NESN at the end of the season


I guess it’s broadcast news here today. Here’s some bad news, at least for Red Sox fans: WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan are reporting that this will be Don Orsillo’s final season on the Red Sox broadcast.

The specifics are vague, but the consensus seems to be that it’s a business thing, with many people speculating that Orsillo has better, more lucrative opportunities, possibly with a national broadcast. Others are saying NESN isn’t paying Orsillo what he wants. It’s kind of impossible to know about this kind of thing, especially at this stage. People get emotional when it comes to broadcasters. To them and their employers, however, it’s just a business and sometimes people part ways.

Either way, he’s one of the best in the business. Easily a top five local announcer and maybe top three depending on what you’re looking for. Always prepared, always into the game yet still is able to play off of Jerry Remy in a natural way that improves both Orsillo’s game AND Remy’s game if that makes any sense.

Here’s hoping those thinking he’s bound for more national work beyond his TBS postseason gig. But even if that’s not the case, here’s hoping that one of the many local broadcasts who could use an upgrade in the play-by-play department give Orsillo a call.

UPDATE: Chad Finn of the Boston Globe has the background on Orsillo’s ouster. Seems his bosses don’t like him. And, in at least one respect, have jerked on-air talent around regarding schedules and things. So that’s fun.