Joe Girardi, Fredi Gonzalez both show home plate umps where the batters box is


Both Yankees manager Joe Girardi and Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez got tossed from their respective games last night for arguing balls and strikes. And each of them, when arguing, took it upon themselves to show the home plate up where the batter’s box was via sweeping gestures.

Here’s a link to Girardi’s ejection. Here’s Gonzalez’s.

I don’t necessarily think the managers had a good case on the actual pitch call dispute in either instance, but at least with respect to Gonzalez’s ejection, the umpire seemed to be wrong in more significant ways.

Gonzalez’s is notable in that he was merely barking under his breath from the dugout as many manager do. Except umpire Doug Eddings decided to bark back at Gonzalez and make a big show about it because his ego was ruffled. You’ll also recall that Eddings amped up a confrontation with Brook Jacoby earlier this season. Longtime Braves fans will also remember how Eddings and then-Braves catcher Johnny Estrada got into it ten years ago, again, because Eddings decided to be an aggressor.

But hey, at least he knows where the strike zone is now. So I’m sure he’ll never have cause to get into it with players and managers again.