Miguel Cabrera negotiates with terrorists


The guys from the Detroit Sports Rag are Tigers fans but they’re not big fans of Brad Ausmus. So last night their second in command, a guy named Justin Spiro, brought a “Fire Ausmus” sign to his seats in Wrigley Field behind the Tigers dugout. He also had a “Hire Acta” sign. Which, man, no matter what you think of Ausmus, is a clear sign that we’re dealing with a dangerous and unhinged mind.

In any event, Miguel Cabrera saw the sign and defused the situation, Jack Bauer-like, by trading Spiro a ball for the sign:

Whatever happened to principles, man?

Anyway, that wasn’t the only sign incident Spiro had last night. Apparently some Cubs fan didn’t like his Acta sign or him standing up or . . . something . . . and came over and slapped him, so there’s that. The whole sordid story is here.

Fandom, man. It’s just not worth it.

(h/t to the DSR’s Jeff Moss for supplying this headline. He’s insane if he wants Manny Acta to manage the Tigers, but he has spirit, and that’s important).