There’s a mini-baby boom in Kansas City nine months after the Royals playoff run


“Aw man. Our team lost the World Series. NOW what should we do?

It’s too soon to tell whether the excitement surrounding the Royals’ historic postseason run resulted in a local baby boom. Kansas and Missouri birth numbers for July 2015 — the month most 2014 World Series babies were born — won’t be final until next year . . . But in July, Shawnee Mission Birth Center, which delivered more babies last year than any other hospital in the metro area, logged 473 births, breaking the old record of 456 births in a single month.

“We were wondering if we were seeing a little bit of a boom from all the Royals babies,” says Eva Shay, a labor and delivery manager at the hospital.

That ellipses above actually hides some words which negate the notion of a baby boom. Specifically, that two other hospitals in the area report no change in birth rates. Which suggests that it’s kinda bogus. But it’s still fun, mostly because it gives the writer of the linked article an excuse to ask a bunch of new parents about when, exactly, they had sex last October. And they tell her too.

Tera, 24, and her husband, Spencer, 26, both work part time as bartenders in the Power & Light District. They say they partied with the players at Hotel Nightclub after the team won the American League Championship on Oct. 15.

“I got Brandon Finnegan to dance on the stage and was drinking from the same champagne bottle as (Salvador) Perez,” Tera says.

A couple of days later, the couple conceived after trying for 18 months.

That’s a cool story to share with their daughter one day. Her name is Holland, by the way, presumably named after Greg. Which I guess, under the circumstances, is better than naming her Salvador or Finnegan. That may have been awkward.