Little League softballers throw a game in order to get a better finals matchup


UPDATE: The Iowa team protested the results and the protest was upheld. That means that they got a chance to play the Washington state team which was alleged to have thrown the game in a tiebreaker. And they won, 3-2.

8:58 AM: Professional athletes sometimes tank in order to position their team for greater future success. It’s sort of depressing but, really, losing a game in order to improve your chances at a better draft pick probably isn’t the worst offense in pro sports. And, given the setup, it’s pretty inevitable.

It certainly feels different with youth sports, however. Such as was the case yesterday when a little league softball team from Washington State which had already earned its way into the next round of the softball’s Little League World Series apparently threw a game in order to prevent another, stronger team from advancing:

Chris Chadd, president of Central Iowa Little League, said he believes the Washington team benched starters and ordered every player to bunt in an attempt to lose the game.

“It’s clear to everyone that they basically threw the game,” Chadd said.

Chadd said Washington’s players did not attempt to do anything beyond bunting.

“It’s not the girls’ fault,” Chadd said. “It’s the coaches… they should be disqualified.”

The Iowa team on whose behalf Chadd was advocating is a strong team that gave the Washington team a tough time in an earlier round. By throwing the game, the Washington team made it possible for the weaker North Carolina team to advance and made Iowa’s road forward more difficult, as they’re now forced into a tiebreaker round.

Great lessons you’re teaching your kids there, Washington coaches. That example should help them become way better people later on in life.

(h/t Deadspin)