Marcell Ozuna says Triple-A is “like a jail”


The Marlins demoted Marcell Ozuna to Triple-A in July following a first half in which he struggled. He righted the ship pretty well in New Orleans, however, hitting .317/.379/.558 with five home runs and 11 RBI in 132 plate appearances. And, as we noted recently, his being kept in Triple-A was likely a financial consideration for the Marlins just as much as a baseball consideration.

But even if there was part of Ozuna’s demotion that was unfair in some respects, methinks he’s being a bit dramatic in the way he described his time in the minors. From the Miami Herald:

“I was in the jail over there. It’s like a jail,” Ozuna said of his time with the Zephyrs. “But it’s OK. I’m back, and I’m going to help the team, help Miami.”

I suppose New Orleans in August is not ideal, but there is some really good food there and lots to do. Minimum security at best, right? Maybe he should have said it was more like a work camp?

And if playing for the Zephyrs is like jail, what is playing for the Marlins like? Soviet-era gulag? That place where the Klingons sent Kirk and McCoy in “Star Trek VI?” Thunderdome?