Trevor Bauer tells reporters “don’t ask me about giving up home runs”


Indians right-hander Trevor Bauer had a terrible start Thursday, failing to make it out of the fourth inning while allowing six runs against the Yankees. Afterward the local media asked him the standard questions you ask a struggling pitcher and Bauer got very annoyed with them:

I don’t know. You can ask me, keep asking me about it, but that’s the answer. I don’t know. I’ll figure it out at some point, but right now, I don’t know, so it doesn’t make any sense to keep asking me about it. I thought the team did a really good job today battling back, so write about that. Write about the guys that went out and scored runs on a tough pitcher and were down really big early and battled and played well. Write about that. Don’t ask me about giving up home runs and personal stuff when it doesn’t matter. I gave up six. Who cares how they scored? We lost.

Here’s the thing, though: Zack Meisel of the Cleveland Plain Dealer notes that Bauer’s quote above came after he was asked about his poor command just one time.

And it’s certainly worth asking what has gone wrong since Bauer posted a 2.97 ERA and 65/25 K/BB ratio in 64 innings through the end of May, because since June 1 he’s got a 5.49 ERA with 18 homers allowed in 77 innings.

Early on it seemed like the 24-year-old top prospect was finally breaking through to live up to his potential as a front-line starter and now his 4.38 ERA is even worse than it was last season. But don’t ask him about that.