The Red Sox have hired Jerry Dipoto on an interim basis


This may not lead to anything long term, but it’s interesting enough:

I can’t find any Gammons tweet about that, so I assume he said it on TV or the radio, but I suppose that’s good enough sourcing.

In any event, not a major move if Dipoto is merely an advisor — lots of teams have lots of former GMs filling various advisory roles — but more interesting in light of the stuff we heard in the past couple of weeks about the Sox possibly being interested in bringing in another executive in baseball operations, be it above or below Ben Cherington.

Hard to assess Dipoto, really, given that his tenure as Diamondbacks GM was fairly short and that so much of his time with the Angels was spent either doing Arte Moreno’s bidding with respect to big contracts in the offseason or dealing with Mike Scioscia’s reluctance to take his lead during the season. There is a sense that he’s a bit more analytically-bent, however, so it makes some sense that he’d find a home, even if temporarily, in Boston.