Some horrifying Yankees caps


I’ll preface this by saying that I love New Era caps. As a bald-American I wear a lot of caps, and all of them are New Era caps. I have a big head — 7-7/8 in most caps — and any sort of adjustable just looks dumb on me. The fitted game caps from New Era always look and feel good. And, of course, they’re the ones the baseball teams wear. I have them for probably a dozen different teams and wear them all the time.

But they make some missteps too. And those missteps tend to happen more often the farther they get from actual official game designs. All black but otherwise with the usual team logo? OK, that’s alright. I have a Braves one like that. Throwbacks? Oh yeah. I have old school Mariners and Padres caps I like a lot. But the crazier one gets, the worse things go.

Over at Pinstripe Alley today, Matthew Floratos counts down 40 awful ones. And they’re all Yankees caps! 

Not gonna lie: I like number 37, the mini-logo. I think that could be kind of cool to have. Everything else, though, ugh.