Mike Trout really likes hitting homers on his birthday


Mike Trout turned 24 yesterday. Which is sort of insane when you think about it. He was 11 when the Angels won their World Series and the same manager is still at the helm. I’d insert the list of “other guys who have done what Mike Trout has done by age 24 in baseball history” right here but you know how that looks by now. It’s basically Trout and a small handful of Hall of Famers.

The more fun thing about his birthday is that he hit a home run. A no-doubter out to left off of a high-90s fastball from Orioles starter Kevin Gausman. It was his 33rd on the season, which leads baseball.

It was also his third birthday home run, as he did it on August 7 in 2012 and 2013 as well. His 12.5% homer-on-your-birthday rate is probably a record. And I’ll give in here and link you to an article of where Trout stacks up against other 24-year-olds.

The only person who really challenges him for greatness-by-age-24 is James Dean, I figure. Here’s hoping Trout’s 25th year on the planet goes better than Dean’s did.