Behind the scenes of Dave Dombrowski’s firing


Lynn Henning of the Detroit News has a good article up detailing what went on behind the scenes with the Tigers in the leadup to the trade deadline and the firing of GM Dave Dombrowski. Essentially, his ticket was punched out of Detroit once he told owner Mike Illitch that, no, the Tigers didn’t have the goods to trade for a starting pitcher to make a 2015 run.

Once Illitch agreed with Dombrowski that it was time to sell off, this happened:

A third deal, for Soria, netted the Tigers a young infielder, JaCoby Jones. But none of the late wheeling and dealing appeared to change Ilitch’s mind. The owner called Al Avila on Saturday and told Avila he would become the team’s new GM.

Dombrowski, for reasons that aren’t yet clear, was not officially notified of his dismissal until Ilitch phoned him Tuesday afternoon.

That’s pretty remarkable that he didn’t tell Dombrowski about for several days after letting his successor know.

Also remarkable: Dombrowski pretty much knew he was toast once he told Illitch that it was time to sell. He sold anyway, making three excellent trades despite knowing that he was a lame duck. Of course, trades are Dombrowski’s bread and butter. He almost always does them well and wins them far more often than he loses them.

All of which suggests that he won’t be unemployed for long.