Thanks to the winning, Mets attendance is up


The Mets past plan of “cut payroll to make money” never really worked too well. This year they’re realizing that a plan which depends on a winning product on the field is much better. From Newsday:

In the team’s first 56 home games, attendance is up 10.39 percent over last season, according to DePaoli, the Mets executive vice president and chief revenue officer. The Mets are averaging 30,253 fans — sixth in the National League. They finished 21st of 30 teams last season with an average of 26,860.

And, usually, the biggest attendance bump comes the year after a competitive breakthrough, not the year of, so figure that the Mets will see a nice rise at the gate next season too.

Which makes one wonder if, this offseason, ownership will actually, you know, make the sort of moves that will help insure that this year’s winning is not a one-year thing.