Great Moments in Philly bashing


And for once it wasn’t me!

Check out the lede to the OC Register’s story about Jimmy Rollins returning to Philly:

PHILADELPHIA – Notorious for their ill manners, Philadelphia fans greeted Jimmy Rollins with cheers in his first visit to Citizens Bank Park as the enemy.

In other news, some Dodgers fans nearly killed a guy outside their stadium a few years ago. Which is to say that there are ill-mannered folks everywhere.

In other Rollins-comes-home news, he spoke with Jim Salisbury of and talked about the state of the Phillies. Rollins talked at length about Ryne Sandberg and how his biggest issue was that he was not a good manager of people. He said he spoke to Ruben Amaro about that after the season but that nothing appeared to change in Philly this year.

Interesting stuff. Especially in a day and age when managers seem to be way less tasked with Xs and Os than they are with being good people managers.