Nine-year-old bat boy dies after being struck by a bat in a college summer league game


This is horrifying. Kaiser Carlile, a nine-year-old boy who served at the bat boy for the Liberal, Kansas Bee Jays of the Jayhawk Collegiate League, died following injuries sustained after being hit by a bat swung by an on-deck batter during a game.

Carlile was retrieving a bat and was running past the on-deck circle following an out. He was wearing a helmet. Local reports say that Carlile was immediately tended to by the home plate umpire, who is a paramedic, and from EMTs who were already on site due to another, unrelated call at the stadium. It was a freak accident and, based on how quickly he was tended to, it seems like nothing could be done.

There has been an outpouring of support from the players, the league and the community in the wake of this awful tragedy.

Just horrible.