Settling the Scores: Saturday’s results


Cole Hamels made his Rangers debut. It was decidedly “meh.” He gave up five runs on eight hits in seven and two-thirds, got the no-decision and his club lost. Oh well, like everyone said, this was a pickup for 2016 and beyond, not this year. Not that he’s likely happy with it or anything.

In other action Clayton Kershaw continued his ridiculousness, extending his scoreless innings streak to 37 and the Mets beat the Nationals again in a come-from-behind performance. They keep doing this and we’re gonna have to retire “LOLMets.”

The rest of Saturday’s results [box scores here]

Royals 7, Blue Jays 6
Red Sox 11, Rays 7
Dodgers 3, Angels 1
Orioles 6, Tigers 2
Phillies 12, Braves 2
White Sox 8, Yankees 2
Cubs 4, Brewers 2
Twins 3, Mariners 2
Reds 4, Pirates 3
Astros 9, Diamondbacks 2
Mets 3, Nationals 2
Padres 5, Marlins 3
Rockies 6, Cardinals 2
Giants 9, Rangers 7
Athletics 5, Indians 1