Everything you want to know about walkup music


Well, not everything, but the New York Times has an article up today about Mike Castellani, the sound guy at Citi Field. Most of the article talks about the development of walkup music, the politics of it, such as it is, and how and why players choose their particular jams.

Most of it is pretty straight forward, but this from Travis d’Arnaud just made me laugh:

“I don’t know if you’ve seen that one U.F.C. movie with Kevin James in it,” d’Arnaud said, referring to the comedy “Here Comes the Boom,” about a teacher who trains to become a mixed martial arts fighter. “The teacher talks about how in war they used to play their battle songs to get you ready for the war. And for me, that moment, that’s my war with the pitcher, so I need something to get me hyped up and get me ready to go out there and see a baseball coming at me at 95 miles an hour.”

War-sports analogies are bad enough. Adding Kevin James to the mix renders it fairly amazing.

In any event, good article.