The Giants are making a push for Cole Hamels now? That doesn’t make a ton of sense.


Though the Rangers, Yankees, Cubs, Diamondbacks, and Astros have all been mentioned as possible landing sports for Cole Hamels, the Dodgers are thought to be one of the stronger contenders for his services.They may have some more competition, however, and from a most unwelcome source:

At the moment San Francisco is only a half game back of the Dodgers, so if they got Hamels it would not only help them out but it would hit the Dodgers hard too. Fun times.

But this doesn’t make a ton of sense, as just yesterday Rosenthal himself noted that San Francisco may not have the prospects required to get Carlos Gomez of all people, so a Hamels deal seems like it’d be way too hard to swing.

But hey, the more suitors the merrier. And if it drives the price up for the Dodgers, the Giants — and the Phillies — may find that to be merrier.