Dodger Stadium is the most vegetarian-friendly ballpark in the majors


The last post was about environmentalism. This post: vegetarianism. You know, if I’m not careful I may give people the impression that this blog has something of a liberal bent!

Anyway, is it does annually, PETA has released its list of the ten most vegetarian-friendly ballparks. The top: Dodger Stadium, which didn’t even make the top ten last year. Second place, Philly, which always does well in this. For whatever reason AT&T Park, which topped the list last year, is sixth this year. All I can think is that there was some “Soylent Green,” and/or Barth “What do you think is IN the burgers?” situation going on in San Francisco, radically changing things.

But no matter where they rank specifically, we should all agree that it’s great the ballparks are increasingly offering different food options, be they vegetarian for the non-carnivores among us, gluten free options for those with celiac disease and any number of options and promotions for those with peanut allergies and the like. Because while hot dogs, peanuts and Cracker Jack is what most of want at the old ballgame, not everyone does. And it’s great that there are choices for them too.