Ouch: Billy Burns leaves game with “testicular contusion”


We routinely cover the minutiae of injuries around here, so it’s easy to get desensitized to it. But this one will truly make you cringe.

Athletics outfielder Billy Burns was forced to exit Friday’s game against the Giants due to what was referred to as a “testicular contusion.” That’s right. Burns suffered the injury in the bottom of the third inning when he tapped a foul ball and was hit in a very sensitive area. While he somehow managed to finish the at-bat, he didn’t feel well enough to continue after going out to play defense in the top of the fourth.

Here’s his explanation to Joe Stiglich of CSNBayArea.com:

“It never got better,” Burns said. “I felt like I was going to throw up in the outfield. I could run fine, but as soon as I was trying to stand up, that was the worst. The left side of my stomach has been hurting ever since.”

Burns said he’s dealing with swelling in the ureter tube that leads to the bladder. You know, just in case you want the really painful details. The good news is that it isn’t something that is expected to send him to the disabled list. Athletics manager Bob Melvin said he’s doubtful to play this afternoon, but it sounds like he should be back relatively soon.