Read the SABR BioProject biographies of all four of this year’s Hall of Fame inductees


the SABR BioProject is God’s work. Rich, historically-detailed biographies of baseball players, managers and executives that are short enough to be more handy and useful than books but long enough to give real, rich historical substance to these folks which you can’t get from a Wikipedia article or a page.

Today the SABR BioProject has up the four full bios of this weekend’s Hall of Fame inductees:

John Smoltz;

Pedro Martinez;

Craig Biggio; and

Randy Johnson

Worth your time even if, like me, you were an adult (or close to it) baseball fan for most or all of their careers. I’ve never once read one of these bios that didn’t have information in it I didn’t already know. It’s well worth your time.

Inductions are Sunday afternoon.