The cheapest beer in every ballpark


Ideally you really don’t WANT the cheapest beer in each ballpark, because it’s probably some big macrobeer that isn’t all that fun. But if you’re not on a craft beer budget, cheap beer in volume is worth pursuing. And heck, if it’s super hot out you may want some good old American lager over something more thick and chewy anyway. I won’t judge. At least not too harshly.

If bang for your buck is what you’re looking for, this infographic sets forth the cheapest beers available in each park, based on both absolute price and price per ounce according to data from The Marketing Report.

The cheapest beer: $4 for a 14 ouncer at Chase Field in Phoenix. Cleveland has a $4 12 oz brew as well. On a per ounce basis, however, you can get a 16 ouncer for $4.50 in Anaheim which works out to a penny cheaper per ounce than the one at the Dbacks game.

The most expensive on both a per beer and per ounce basis is in Boston at $7.75 for a 12 ounce beer. Not surprising given that Boston has had the highest beer prices ever since I’ve been paying attention to such things.