Tomorrow is the Competitive Balance Lottery


The annual Competitive Balance Lottery — brought to you by the last Collective Bargaining Agreement — gives clubs with the 10 lowest revenues and in the 10 smallest markets the opportunity to obtain additional draft picks through a lottery.

The picks are made after some weighting is applied based on winning percentage (i.e. the best teams in the lottery have lower chances of being drawn) and six are given additional draft picks immediately following the first round of next year’s draft. Sort of like the old sandwich picks. The remaining teams are then drawn for six more slots following the second.

The lottery is tomorrow. Here are the teams and their chances of winning that top lottery pick:

Diamondbacks 18.2%
Rockies 16.5%
Reds 9.5%
Marlins 8.9%
Padres 8.9%
Rays 8.9%
Brewers 6.6%
Indians 5.4%
A’s 4.5%
Pirates 4.5%
Royals 4.2%
Cardinals 3.9%

That’s right, the teams with the top three records in all of baseball will have a chance to get an extra first round pick and additional chances for additional picks.

But then again, that’s what you get when you buy into the flawed assumption that market size dictates a team’s ability to compete.