Michael Cuddyer is still hurting, the Mets are still not placing him in the DL


The disabled list is a handy tool. It lets you remove injured players from your roster for a temporary period and replace them with healthy players. That way you are not forced to play with fewer players than your opponents have at their disposal. Over time, this serves to be a great way to maintain your competitiveness!

The Mets, however, are DL skeptics. Or at least so it seems. Because they have a player in Michael Cuddyer who has been in some pretty bad pain due to a bone bruise in his leg for quite a while. Since July 1 he has missed six of the Mets’ 15 games and has left early in three more. In the 29 at bats he has managed to take in July he is hitting pretty well, but overall this season he’s been pretty miserable. Given that the Mets are only three games behind the Nationals, it seems like it’d be a good time to get him fixed up and back into the fight at full strength rather than playing with 24 or maybe 24 and a half men in the weeks that could decide the Mets’ playoff chances.

Nah. The Mets are still putting it off. Jon Morosi reports that Cuddyer could be placed on the disabled list if his left knee doesn’t show improvement in the next two days, but for now the Mets are going with anti-inflammatories.

Maybe he makes a miracle recovery by Thursday?