David Price has a dog named Astro. Jeff Luhnow: “Maybe that is a sign of things to come”


Jeff Luhnow is a guy I wanna play poker with. Not only can you look over his shoulder and see what cards he’s holding, but he’ll tip his hand verbally too!

Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow joined Nick Wright and John Lopez In The Loop on Tuesday morning on SportsRadio 610 and Price’s dog was brought up in the conversation because the pooch’s name is Astro.

“We’ve got some Vanderbilt guys in our system with (Tony) Kemp and (Conrad) Gregor,” Luhnow told Nick & Lopez. “I follow all the Vanderbilt chatter and I did know his dog’s name is Astro. Maybe that is a sign of things to come.”

If reports are to be believed, the Tigers are selling. And, for what it’s worth, the Astros (a) need a starting pitcher; and (b) have a lot of talent down on the farm from which to deal. If I’m Dave Dombrowski I call Luhnow and tell him to deal me in.

The Astros and Tigers have a long history of trading with one another. If they pull this off, I somehow expect Brad Ausmus and C.J. Nitkowski to be involved. And maybe one of the Brian Hunters. Even Jose Lima (RIP).