Len Kasper does not care if you think he jinxed a no-hitter


Cubs announcer Len Kasper — like every announcer in the history of baseball — will mention it when a pitcher has a no-hitter going. Because providing information to viewers is his job. As this story over at Awful Announcing makes clear, he has no intention of stopping simply because certain fans complain about it. He even has some backing — from over 50 years ago — from Vin Scully on the matter.

The no-hitter jinx thing is dumb for two reasons. First because of what Kasper says: it’s his JOB to keep people updated on what’s going in.

But it’s also dumb because it actually requires the person concerned about jinxes to believe that a person who is not otherwise involved in the game can affect its outcome based on his words. As if the fans aren’t talking about it. Or all of us bloggers who are posting in-progress updates and all of the TV networks doing “live look-ins” aren’t talking about too. Indeed, the only people who don’t, as a general rule, talk about it are the people in the actual dugout of the pitcher who has a no-hitter in progress. And at least that much makes sense because the pitcher could be influenced by that a bit and maybe start to get too inside his head or out of his routine.

Of course, such is the case with just about every superstition. But people won’t shake them because people, as a rule, are silly.

In any event, there have been close to 300 no-hitters in baseball history. Someone mentioned the fact that the no-hitter was in progress for every single one of them, I’ll bet my life on it. Yet they still happened. So chill out, OK?