The MLB manager family tree


This is several days old but I’m just seeing it now. From ESPN, it’s the MLB manager tree.

As you’d suspect, it’s a trace-back of every current manager’s “roots,” based on who he played for or coached under. And it’s neat to see that every single current manager has a direct line back to Miller Huggins, Connie Mack or John McGraw. Even an oddball like Dan Jennings who never played or coached in the pros traces back to McGraw fairly directly.

Baseball is a family, they so often say. It’s a much smaller family than you realize, too. Which goes a long way toward explaining the conformity and lack of patience for crazy outsiders. Like my family and I’m sure like yours, crazy INSIDERS will be tolerated, however. But that’s because we’re all related and we understand.

Neat stuff.

(via BTF)