Denard Span out until after All-Star break, will see specialist for back injury


Nationals center fielder Denard Span has been playing through a back injury for the past month, but he’s no longer able to tough it out and will miss the remainder of the first half at minimum.

For some reason the Nationals have yet to place Span on the disabled list even though he’s already missed five games in the past two weeks and won’t play any the team’s final four games before the All-Star break. Nationals manager Matt Williams called the situation “perplexing” and gave an odd answer when asked why Span isn’t on the DL yet, saying the team wants to figure out what’s wrong before officially shutting him down.

Span’s performance hasn’t suffered any due to the back problems and in fact he’s been excellent when strong enough to be in the lineup for the past month, but he’s had to miss more and more time of late and will now be examined by a specialist. He expressed concern that the injury could be a long-term issue that goes beyond trying to play through discomfort.