Bill Murray calls Cardinals fans “Satan’s Messengers on Earth”


This morning I took issue with Yadier Molina’s anti-heads-up play in last night’s Cards-Cubs game. This, as you may expect, caused some Cardinals fans to take issue with me. I won’t embed this tweet because the fellow used some naughty language, but one of the Best Fans in Baseball said:

“Damn, I’d love to see Yadi kick the s** out of you and shove your professionalism up your ***.

That seems a bit much! But there was more!

To which I replied:

To be fair, even if Yadier Molina was the greatest catcher of all time I would’ve said the same thing. Sometimes you gotta teach people to keep their right glove up when they jab with their left, ya know?

Anyway, the great Bill Murray isn’t exactly unbiased when it comes to this stuff. He’s a Cubs fan after all. But, like me, he is amused by The Best Fans in Baseball too. From the Quad City Times (via Deadspin):

Murray, wearing a floppy hat and a blue and gold paisley shirt that was perpetually untucked, began bantering with the masses before he took his first swing.

He asked if any fans saw his beloved Cubs sweep St. Louis in a double-header Tuesday. One woman behind the ropes said she was a Cardinals fan.

“Satan’s messengers on Earth,” was the way Murray described the Cardinals.

“And then it turns out your team is cheaters, too,’’ he added . . . A few steps away, a boy with a Cardinals hat asked for an autograph. Murray signed, then noticed the red cap. “Are you a Cardinals fan? Get out of here. Rotten kid.”

Couldn’t have been said better by the Dalai Lama, himself. Twelfth son of the Lama. The flowing robes, the grace, bald . . . striking.