Terry Collins on Mets’ pitchers frustration with a six-man rotation: “They’ve got to get over it”


Mets pitchers don’t much like their current six-man rotation. Particularly Matt Harvey, who blamed the rust from waiting an extra day for his not-so-great start on Saturday. Manager Terry Collins sympathizes, but only to a degree:

“They’ve got to get over it . . . I guess the best way to say it is, ‘Matt, we’ll go back to a five-man, but I hope you enjoy watching the rest of the season sitting on the bench in September when we need you.’”

Terry Collins reportedly has job security right now despite the Mets’ poor play of late. One of the reasons why is likely his willingness to implement the dictates of the front office without creating problems. This was not something a young Terry Collins did too well in his earlier managerial stints.

Either way, with good young arms and an offense that does not look poised to help propel the Mets to postseason play this year, conserving the pitchers as much as possible is a worthy goal, even if they want to pitch every fifth day. Gear up for 2016 and hope that the front office is allowed to go get a bat or three somehow.